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Kirtan Magan

My name is Kirtan Magan. I am 14 years old. I am from the United States.

(A few of) My Projects

Instagram Clone

Instagram Clone This is a clone of Instagram.

Google Slides Clone

Google Slides Clone This is a clone of Google Slides. You can do stuff like creating slides and editing them.

Pizza Clicker

Pizza Clicker This is a clicker game where you click to earn more pizzas. You can upgrade your PPS(Pizzas Per Click) in the shop.

Currency Calculator

Simple Auth This is a simple authentication template.

String Tools

String Tools This is a VSCode extension to manipulate strings.

Text Editor

Text Editor This is a cool little text editor that lets you select files and edit them.

Photo Editor

Photo Editor This is a cool photo editor that lets you do stuff like drawing on photos and tinting a photo.


Stutterify Stutterify is a npm package used to stutterify a sentence.

Tip Calculator

Tip Calculator This is an app that lets you calculate tips. You enter an amount and percent and you will get a result!

Zombie Clicker

Zombie Clicker This is a game where you click to eat people and destroy the city!d